Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Fairfield Herald: 1866 - 1871

A reel of microfilmed newspapers was waiting for me at the College of Du Page, my local junior college, thanks to an inter-library loan from the Fairfield County Library in Winnsboro, SC. My goal remains the same: to find the final resting place of Malinda Keith and Samuel Boyd and his parents, Agness and Andrew Boyd, Sr.

I did find several interesting articles, including...historical sketches of Fairfield; a polar expedition to the Arctic Circle; progress reports about flying ships (airplanes!); news of various wars in Europe; and, railroad schedules. No luck yet on those burial locations but that's okay. I was rewarded with an obit for Robert S. Ketchin, a very well-to-do merchant of Fairfield County, SC.

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