Saturday, June 26, 2010

When There's No TV

Wednesday's brownout carried over another day. I'm okay without TV but not being able to use my laptop is a different story. I didn't need the Internet, I just wanted to crank out a couple of stories in Word. Yeah, I could do them by hand but I'm spoiled. I admit it.

Instead, I located my Newsletters binder and decided to catch on some reading. I spent a long time reading/rereading several editions the Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly. Cover to cover reading of the Summer 2010 edition prompted me to:

• Reconsider the Social Networking phenomenon (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, etc.) as suggested by an article entitled Virtual Networking for the Genealogist: Part 1.

• Visit antiques stores, flea markets, and garage sales for old, identifiable photos and attempt to reunite them with their family members as suggested in an article Faces from the Past.

• Sourcing my articles with Microsoft Word via the Reference and Footnote tools as suggested in the column entitled Confessions of an Aging Genealogist.

Update: I uploaded my first Youtube video the other day.

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