Saturday, September 4, 2010

Born in Africa: Martha & Amey

The other day, while reviewing the 1870 U.S. Census for Oktibbeha County, for the umpteenth time, I came across two African-born women. In 1808, Congress officially banned the international slave trade from Africa but it continued illicitly. Considering that, it was possible that Martha Walcer, born about 1820, was born in Africa. On the other hand, Amey McVay [sic], born about 1790, was definitely a more probable candidate.

Beyond an 1871 marriage listing for Samuel McPhail to Rodie Parramore, of Oktibbeha County, MS, I was unable to further locate Amey's immediate family. I did locate a Spencer McPhail on the 1900 Oktibbeha County Census but I couldn't find the tie-in. As far as Martha, I couldn’t location her or her family on the 1880 census.

Fortunately, I have plenty of other options to explore.

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